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Friday, October 23, 2009

#Mediameltdown? Really, who is the one melting down?

I am sure a lot of you have seen Deadspin's coverage of the Steve Phillips affair and the subsequent "outing" of other alleged affairs at the ESPN offices in Bristol. I am not going to go into the affair itself. Really, I just have one thing to say: the hashtag #mediameltdown? Really? Is AJ Daulerio trying to infer that ESPN is having a media meltdown?

I would think that it is quite the opposite. With Deadspin's coverage, it seems that they are the ones that had the actual meltdown. ESPN lawyers could probably have a field day with Daulerio if any of this is proven to be libelous material. Then, we might not have a Deadspin anymore, which will be a shame. They do good work over there and I would like to see them keep it up but do they have the money to withstand a series of lawsuits by The Word Wide Leader? I doubt it.

Daulerio's antics could cost him his website and really makes a lot of us blogger/journalists look really bad. That is the real crime here.

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