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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is Sports Chutney?

To understand Sports Chutney, you must understand the story behind Sports Chutney.

I was a chef for a long time. Too long. For those of you in the industry, you know, you've been there. Long days, fire and knives. People yell, they curse, they sweat. You have to carry heavy things long distances.

The nights are just as long. Ask a chef friend of yours how often he wakes up on somebody else's couch. The answer will probably be "too many."

Yet, I loved being a chef. I love food. I have a peculiar affinity for the fine delicacies of the industry, the minutia and exactness of the grind. I loved the characters you find in restaurants, even if I sometimes did not like them. I respected the lifestyle, hell, I loved the lifestyle. It is a grind, like all hell, it is a grind.

Through my years of service to the hungry masses I made a name for myself. I would love to say that I had gained some type of preeminence or even notoriety, but that is not the case. What I got was a nickname.


What is chutney? How do you make it?

These are the questions that got me in trouble. Let us just say I had a particularly long answer one day while sitting a the bar on the fine processes that go into making this fruity topping. 

Yet, the name stuck. No matter what I did I could not shake it. So, I embraced it. I am Chutney, Chutney is me.

Now, my friends, I bring you food, sports and life, in the style peculiar to chutney, the food and the person. 

Enjoy the site,


Dan Rowinski

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