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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A LEEINKS Experiment

The football season never ends, or at least the media cycle covering the NFL. If it is not training camp, it is free agency, or news of Brett Favre's latest bunyon (and its effect on global warming) to the draft.

Everybody loves the draft. It is a two day extravaganza where young men are dissected, examined, picked apart then put back together again. The vetting process these kids go through is enough to put any politician to shame. Histories are scoured, play books studied, tests taken . . . the meat grinder never stops.

So, does it come as a surprise when we learn that a projected top ten draft pick failed a drug test two weeks before the draft? That is what happened to Boston College standout defensive lineman, B.J. Raji.

I mean, really. When you are looking at a breakout career and millions of guaranteed dollars, isn't it time to put away the hippie lettuce?

Check out this video. This guy has to be on something.

In other news, the Bruins have finished their regular season resurrection (and a three win week) as they clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference when Tim Thomas blanked the Rangers 1-0 on Saturday. In and of itself, this is not really a surprise. Even with their swoon through February and March, not many hockey pundits really thought that the Bruins would fall off so much as to lose the top seed.

The interesting part of the game, and something to look forward to if the Bruins play the Rangers in the first round, is that Sean Avery struck again. Check it out:

Love him or hate him, Avery certainly keeps it entertaining.

Here are some other of Thomas's tough man ways from the season:

Nobody in Boston has forgotten how Avery (and former Dallas teammate Steve Ott) got under the Bruins skin on November 1st, causing the most memorable brawls of the season.

Here are the highlights.

Now, if the Rangers and Bruins meet in the first round, how long before Milan Lucic puts this guy through the glass?

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