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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thinking Boston Sports on Thursday

Daisuke Matsuzaka gets smoked in one inning and lasts one inning on Tuesday against the A's, then goes on the disabled list the next day with shoulder fatigue. To add insult to injury, the bull pen has to go eleven innings as the game went to 12 innings before Javier Lopez gave up the winning run. Impressive run by the Sox bullpen there, 10 innings of shut out ball.

What happens the next day? With the bullpen taxed, Tim Wakefield comes out and nearly throws a no-hitter. He ended up pitching a complete game, allowing two runs on four hits. Does this man never stop? His $4 million lifetime option with the Sox is one of the best deals in baseball.

Looks like Kevin Garnett could miss the entire NBA playoffs with a bad knee. So much for another title coming to Bean Town this spring. I was kind of looking forward to an 18th banner to gaze at from my spot in the press box at TD Banknorth Garden.

Yet, it may be possible to raise a banner next fall on Causeway Street. The NHL playoffs start today and I WILL BE THERE, covering the Bruins v. Canadiens for the New England Hockey Journal ( Was talking with Tim Thomas yesterday. The man seems relaxed and ready to go. I wonder how long it takes before Shawn Thornton and Georges Laraque throw down.

Even if the B's and Celts cannot deliver a parade, Boston University already has. It was not on the scale that the big boys do (it rolled by me at the COM building in about 5 minutes), but hey, we are the NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Champs and everybody else can go shove it.

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